April 15 大学と小学 [小学校と銀行]

April 15, 2008 (Tuesday)

 この日、モーリちゃんの父は大学へ来るようにと前の金曜日にメアリさんには言われていたのだけれど、Cal 1 カードができてないのに行ってもしょうがないなあとモーリちゃんの父は考えて、朝メールを書きました。インターネットが前日ようやくつながったので、連絡が楽になりました。電話はどうも苦手ですし。 

Dear Mary,


Thanks a lot for your kind reception on last Friday, indeed.

We went to the Cal 1 photo place after we parted, but the stuff told us to come on Monday.  I visited the place yesterday, but I was told that the fee had not been paid yet.  I said I had paid last Friday, in vain.  She (another stuff) said it generally takes two business days to process and told me to come again. 


Reading again the page  I remembered it was plainly stated 72 HOURS AFTER PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE for acquisition of Cal Photo ID Card.  I do not understand the whole process very well, but you wrote in the previous mail that Once the id has been created, it takes approx 72hrs to get into our system.   I am uncertain if they state the same thing. 


You told me to come next Tuesday (that is, today) to get a token number.  But apparently the process has not reached that point, I am afraid.  Tomorrow afternoon from 2 to 4 p.m. I am to attend a Scholar Information Meeting at the International House, and besides we would like to spend today on the matter of our daughters enrollment to our neighborhood school.  Can we come to your office tomorrow, not today?


PS.  I am sorry I forgot about the cost of the FedEx package.  I will surely bring it tomorrow.


すぐにメーリさんから返事がきた。――あしたがいいわ。IDは問題ないはず。そうです。72時間必要です。take care――


ということで、モーリちゃんの小学校入学用の文書の作成にかかります。午後2時に3人で再び昨日と同じ道をたどってAlbany Unified School District Administrative Offices (904 Talbot Avenue, Albany, CA 94706-2093)へ。アルバニーには公立の小学校は三つしかないのだけれど、とにかくOcean View に入れてもらおうと、一つだけしか書かなかったら、やっぱりもう一つ希望を書けと言われてしまいました。それで2つ目にCornellをあげておきました。車がないこととかセツセツと訴える文章を書き入れ、口頭でも話したのですけれど。




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