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May 14 口座 account (つづき) [小学校と銀行]

May 14, 2008 (Wednesday)

  Mちゃんの父は、MちゃんとMちゃんの母にネットでの買物をけん制されながらも、ひとしごとやったという充実感をもちながら夕食前のおつまみ用腸詰など焼いていたのですが、メールをチェックしたら、アマゾンから "Important Notice" で始まる題のメールが届いていました。


Regarding Order 1○4-668○569-1249○●● from

1 of TDK  DVD+R47FCB100 Single-Sided 16x DVD+R (100-Pack Spindle)

1 of Western Digital 500GB My Book Essential 2.0 - USB 2.0 External Hard Drive WDH1U5000N


Greetings from,


We're sorry, but payment from your bank account was not authorized and thus we are unable to process your order (#1●4-668●569-1249●○○).


This determination was based on information provided by TeleCheck Services, Inc. ("TeleCheck"). To protect your privacy, TeleCheck did not provide any financial information to during the authorization process.


We will need to receive valid payment information from you within 3 days, otherwise your order will be canceled. 


Follow these steps to submit your new or updated payment information for this order:

1. Go to our home page ( then click "Your Account" on the top right menu.

2. Choose the option "Change payment method" (found under "View by Order"

in the "Where's My Stuff" box).

3. After you sign in, you will see all your current open orders. You can click the "View or change order" button beside any order and make changes.

4. Click "Change" button in the "Payment Information" box beside "Payment Method." At this point, you may review your current payment method, choose a different payment method, or enter a new one.


You have the right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to know the information TeleCheck used to make a determination regarding your bank account. If you find that any information TeleCheck used in its decision is inaccurate or incomplete, you have a right to dispute it with TeleCheck.


You may call TeleCheck toll free at 800-366-2425, or write to TeleCheck Services, Inc.,  P.O. Box 4513, Houston, TX  77210-4513.


If you contact TeleCheck, please provide the following information so they can respond promptly to your request:

* Full Name                     * Driver's License Number and State

* Current Address               * Home Telephone Number

* Date Declined                 * Date of Birth

* Dollar Amount                 * Social Security Number

* Check/Draft/Transfer Number   * Merchant Name

* Checking Account Number       * Name of Financial Institution


We hope that you are able to resolve this issue promptly.


Thank you for shopping at Customer Service



Please note: This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.



TeleCheck Services なる会社のご注進により、貴殿の銀行口座からの引き落としは認められないこととなった。別の支払い方法を提示願います。3日待ちますよ。プライヴァシー保護により、理由は不明。ただし異議を申し立てる権利はある、その場合は以下の情報を(のなかに免許証番号だけでなくソーシャル・セキュリティー・ナンバーも並んでいます)。迅速な解決を期待します。というような内容です。


Important Message
We have experienced a problem with the payment processing. To proceed with your order please do one of the following:
* Choose an alternate payment method from your account.
* Enter a new bank account.
to continue.


Retry bank card


Choose a different paying method

という見出しでいくつか並んでいて、一番下はCheck or money order ですが、その下のconfirmボタンの下に "You can also choose also to pay by check or money order (why this takes longer). After you click Confirm, you'll be given the address where you can send your check." と注記されています(なんかalso, also とうるさい感じ)。まあ、チェックでもいいよな、と、それでも理由をクリックしてみます。1箇月フリートライしているアマゾンプライムがきかなかったらもともこもないですし。でも "why this takes longer" は、理由を示すページにつながりませんでした。


しゃあないじゃん。ということでもう1回help topicsを見てまわります。すると、 “debit card” で検索すると Can I use a debit card or check card?という質問が出てきました。

クリックするとそのページは直接の答ではなくて、Search Results for "debit card"、下にCredit Cards & Check Cards、さらに下に “If you're paying with a Visa Check Card, please select Visa from the drop-down menu on the order form. Similarly, if you're paying with a EuroCard or MasterMoney Card, select MasterCard.” と書かれているのでした。なんだよ~。debit card credit cardとは別カテゴリーなんではないのですかー。と、ともかく成功しました。

 Important Messages
You have successfully changed the payment method for items listed as "Not Yet Shipped". The new payment method is marked in red below.

You have successfully changed the billing address for this order. The new address is marked in red below.



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