February 20 2009年2月20日のアルバニ(カリフォルニア)の空と天気予報 [天気 weather]

February 20, 2009 (Friday)


(a)  Darya Folsam: "[. . .] And enjoy the day while you can.  The Golden Gate Bridge is on the right, and what are we in store for?"
Evelyn Taft: "That's right.  Another gorgeous day.  Yesterday we got in the upper 60s.  And we will do it again today, before we head into a rainy weekend.  And there is rain to the north of us, so that's what happened there.  Otherwise, we are warm and dry today.  Plenty of sunshine again, the real rain coming this weekend."   今朝の雨はホントの雨でなく、本当の雨は週末にやってくると。


(b)  Mark Danon: "[. . .] Another beautiful day here around the Bay.  Enjoy it while it lasts, but get ready for the rain again."
Evelyn: "That's right.  We have clear conditions now, but expecting rain over the weekend.  Enjoy another sunny warm day while we have it.  And a rainier [?] forecast in store.  And I will show you what is going on outside.  Everybody under clear conditions.  We saw some moisture to the north.  And we have plenty of clear conditions.  Hayward at 47 and clear; and San Francisco, mostly cloudy at 48; and Santa Rosa is clear; Fairfield, you are clear as well; and Napa, you are clear but chillier; and Oakland, seeing cloud cover at 47 degrees.  And really not much cloud cover to speak of today.  Mostly clear skies.  We could see a few clear skies, but that's it.  Temperatures topping out today in the upper 50s and upper 60s.  Take a look at your forecast highs today.  62 for you in Napa; and 65, Fairfield; and 63 in Concord; and 66, Mountain View; and San Francisco, topping out at 64 degrees.  So this is the last warm, sunny day in store before we see rain in the forecast, Liza? 〔と"Future Cast" のLiza Fernandez にふる〕"

  この、場所とそこの人が一緒になったような "you" というのはなんか不思議な感じがします。土地を擬人化しているのではないと思いますが。


Evelyn: "We are looking at temperatures.  Into the 40s this morning.  41 in Fairfield, and 43 in Concord.  And clear conditions but a little cloud cover up there.  And that's what we will have with[?].  Temperatures warming up today, once again into the 60s for you.  The South Bay warmer, 67; San Jose, 66; Mountain View, 65; Oakland today, 64; and 65 for you in Santa Rosa.  One more nice day in store before we start to cool it down.  Before we introduce a chance of rain into the forecast, we'll talk about that in a second.  We will show you FutureCast 4.  By 8:00, we will show you 50s in the forecast with a few 40s lingering; 50s indicated by the light blue on your screen.  And we see 60s in the forecast, and the green areas to the North Bay through the delta, through parts of the East Bay and South Bay and the southern portions of the Peninsula.  And then by 3:00 this afternoon, we top out mainly into the 60s, pretty much everybody seeing 60s in the forecast.  Just a few exceptions of upper 50s.  But mainly into the 60s, once again.  By 5:00 this evening, still some temperatures lingering in the 60s, with a few areas in the 50s.  We do have rain in the forecast.  Today is the last real nice sunny day.  Tommorow the clouds move in.  By late afternoon and early evening, we could see rain in the forecast starting to the North Bay, and spreading southward into Sunday.  Sunday into Monday.  A big rain makerWe could see a few  inches of rain.  We are expecting more rain in the forecast Tuesday into Wednesday, and possibly into Thursday as well.  Time is 6:19, and let's get a check on traffic.  George. 〔と交通情報のGeorge Rask にふる〕"


(c)  Darya: "We are going to have another gorgeous day.  Enjoy it while it lasts, because a big one is coming in this weekend, and it could hit early tomorrow afternoon." 

   この"big one" と呼ばれ "it" と言われているのは、エヴァリンが言っていた "A big rain maker" のことを指していると思われます。こんなふうに反復と共鳴をくりかえしながら親密に展開するKRON4 の朝のニュースがモーリちゃんの父は好きです(って宣伝マンかい)。









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